Sunday, January 9, 2011


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Food plays a direct role in how we feel. In fact no other thing has so much pronounced affect on how we feel than food. Here are 5 foods that can we must avoid to reduce stress and feel better:


Alcohol makes you unconscious, giving you a temporary high and making you forget about the stressful situation. What it actually does is make you more irritable and stressful, which is experienced after the initial high is gone.


Caffeine just like alcohol gives you a temporary high by releasing adrenaline hormones, which is what our body does when stressed. So by consuming caffeine you are actually stressing the body even more, until it's completely exhausted from inside. Sources rich in caffeine are chocolates, coffee, tea and colas.


Sugar is nothing but calories. It gives instant energy putting lot of load on the adrenal glands. Our body has to use it's resources (vitamins and minerals) to process it.


Salt increases blood pressure and exhausts the adrenal glands.


Fats put lot of stress on the digestive system. Moreover, saturated fats increases cholesterol, thereby increasing risk of stroke.

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