Sunday, January 9, 2011


59 health benefits that  Monavie Functional Juice has to offer.
By now, the benefits of Acai berry have been the topic of conversations among health buffs and those who want to improve their health and shed off excess pounds. Natives of Brazil have used this wonderful gift of nature for many generations. Currently, this amazing health sensation is widely available and more and more people are enjoying its marvelous health benefits.If you are still thinking of reasons why you should take these berries, here are the top 59 health benefits that this berry has to offer.
1. Promotes longevity
2. Boosts energy
3. Increases stamina
4. Increases vitality
5. Maintains blood pressure
6. Helps prevent cancer
7. Controls level of cholesterol
8. Regulates blood sugar level
9. Enhances sex life
10. Aids in losing weight
11. Eases headaches and nausea
12. Promotes sound sleep
13. Promotes good eyesight
14. Strengthens cardiovascular function
15. Suppresses lipid peroxidation
16. Fights against diseases
17. Boosts over-all immunity
18. Fights cancer
19. Safeguards DNA
20. Blocks tumor growth
21. Decreases negative effects of radiation therapy
22. Strengthen blood cells
23. Relieves dry cough
24. Suppresses arthritis and inflammation
25. Increases lymphocyte
26. Helps relieve symptoms of menopause
27. Inhibits morning sickness
28. Aids in fertility
29. Builds healthy bones and muscles
30. Helps maintain healthy kidneys
31. Improves memory
32. Helps maintain a healthy liver
33. Fights over-all stress
34. Good mood enhancer
35. Helps digestion
36. Promotes healthy gums
37. Prevents fibromyalgia
38. Prevents common allergies
39. Promotes children's health
40. Promotes wellness
41. Increases chances of physical recovery
42. Aids in fast recovery from injuries
43. Decreases injuries
44. Gives relief from arthritis
45. Promotes skin clarity
46. Prevents Seizures
47. Fights Leukemia
48. Fights anxiety
49. Helps eliminate fat
50. Slows aging process
51. Essential source of vital vitamins
52. Essential source of important minerals
53. Fights free radicals
54. Essential source of fiber
55. Detoxifying agent
56. Prevents heart ailments
57. Improves concentration and focus
58. Improves blood circulation
59. Counters osteoporosis
Now you want to have more energy, be Healthier, look Younger, lose weight, and cleanse your body, right?

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